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Benefits of being Active!

Always being active to makes us energetic, healthy and helps to develop a positive attitude towards the proper life style. All those have enormous benefits that cannot be emphasized enough. Healthy life makes us perfect person in the society and attractive life style.

Prevents disease – We can prevent the disease to follow the following rules.

·         Increase Stamina

·         Tones muscles and keeps you in proper shape

·         Should be stress buster

·         Improves mental alertness, boosts, concentration and memory.

·         Strengthens heart and blood vessels to avoid chronis disease such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes as well as conditions like Hypertension.

Need to Maintains Proper Body Weight

We need to maintain our proper body structure so regular exercise is more important for promoting weight control or weight loss. With the help of proper exercise you can burn calories and lose weight and protecting you from chronic disease in the life. Proper exercise makes the bones stronger by retaining the calcium in the bones (Osteoporosis) and makes a proper condition in which the bones become porous. If you already have diabetes or blood pressure then proper exercise helps to bring the sugar levels close to normal. With the help of exercise the cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood is going to low and maintain the normal level. It is the proper way to increase HDL in the blood (HDL is the best and protective cholesterol in the blood). It reduces the risk of developing lower back pain. Proper exercise helps in building muscle to burn more calories even at rest.

India is also like many other developing countries, is experiencing a rapid health transition. Across the world many health disorder like heart diseases, cancers, diabetes, mental illnesses, chronic lung diseases, accidents and major injuries are becoming public health concerns. India is the top position in the world list in terms of the disability burden due to heart and lifestyle diseases. As per world report, India already is the diabetes capital of the world. Such figure is set to increase 3 fold by till 2025. In India, the death rates due to heart diseases are expected to double in another coming 25 years.

Prevention is cure

In this modern era, diagnosis and treatment of many of health disorders are very expensive, so it is best habit to prevent them by self. People can apply all preventive methods in their daily routine such as regular physical activity and avoiding tobacco are the least expensive and have multiple health benefits. Beside it a balanced diet such as low in salt and certain types of fats, using fruit and vegetables. To follow such kind of precaution can protect oneself from many major diseases.

Proper Practical Tips -

We need to proper planning to get regular exercise and healthy food. So you should stop planning and start doing, because the benefits are just too many in life!

You need to make it part of your daily routine. Plan it as per whole day work and set a designated time aside for it one daily basic when it is most convenient for you so that you stick to follow it. Many people prefer dance, it is not only a good exercise but it also releases stress.

Make sure proper exercise with a partner is more fun and energetic and when were together then there are sheer joy in either playing a sport or walking because quality time with loved ones is great in the life. If you are using the bus or the metro on daily basics then get off the bus before two to three stops and walk home. You can park your vehicle at the farthest end of the parking lot and you can go to the market, cinema halls and work place or anywhere else by foot. Make sure take more responsibilities at home work such as buying the groceries, running errands, buying the bread or cleaning home with family members. All these habits will keep you active and fit. As you know all these activity is not enough for most of us. One has to enjoy working out always focus on ones breathing in order to truly energize in the life. You need to walk up a couple of flights of stairs rather than use the lift, especially if you have to go up only three or four floors! Use time to indulge in sports games or outdoor activity.

Physical Activity Benefits to Beat the Blues

With the help of physical activity and exercise the body automatically develops a shield to the harmful effects of stress and disease.

All the physical activity and proper exercise help in coping with stress and minimizing adverse effects. On daily basic physical activity, especially if vigorous, evokes acute stress like pulse rate, blood pressure etc. Generally, our body gets used to performing a lot of work at lower heart rates and blood pressure. Many people, who are physically active and less intense adrenaline response to mental or emotional challenges and cope better with stressful situations,.

Follow Precautions during Exercise

How much should you exercise on daily?

You need to start slowly and build up to an exercise routine with proper movements. Do some stretching exercise or warm-up before exercising. You need to wear loose, comfortable shoes and clothing. Water is too important for the life so drink a glass of water before and after your exercise routine. In summer time there are a lot of other fluids too such as Leman water (nimbu panni), coconut water, or aam ka panna. Beside it you need to take adequate rest by sleeping for 6-8 hours at every night.

Consult a Doctor before if you have

If you have any health issue such as Blood pressure of 250 mm systolic or 120 mm diastolic or more. In this situation the blood pressure needs to be controlled first before start exercising. If you have an eye disease like Plasma glucose levels are more than 250 mg/dl. So you need to control the blood glucose first before start exercise. Share any warning signals such as pain, tingling, or breathlessness.