2017-02-02 13:45:57

There are many cunning things at our household drains while a town deals with as massive cookie dough clog issue they found a local bakery washing its equipment in the drains. It is time to share to moment to remind ourselves what should and should not put down the drains. Beside it many people pour down the sink or toilet, it is bad habits because many things we pour down the drain that can cause mayhem in household pipes, septic systems or municipal sewer plants also. If you are not able to stop these things then up pipes or costly plumber bills always with you, take a moment to refresh yourself on such kind of issue and clog culprits and water polluters. Various water treatment facilities can remove many contaminants, but there is lot of deleterious chemicals and substances still end up in our drains, rivers, lakes and oceans.

So, we should have healthy plumbing and healthier water habitats on daily basic, there are few more common contenders for things that you should not pour down your pipes.

Cooking oil

Any types of oils such as cooking oil, olive oil, salad dressings, condiments and mayonnaise are a major contributor to clogs and mix with other debris to create sludge and troublesome for your household drains.

Butter and margarine

Many melted, butter and margarine can congeal and build up over time creating water resistant issue at your home drains.

Grease and other fats

All the cooked oil and melted fat from meat, bacon, sausage, poultry, skin from boiled poultry and even gravy can trouble for the drains. All these items are congeal and blocking drains and allowing other debris to cling onto the inside of pipes.

Egg shells

All the egg shells and garbage disposal are hard on disposal blades can wrap around the grinding apparatus. Even with a garbage disposal, eggshells create granular waste that loves to hook up with other waste to form clogs. Better to compost than toss out.

Coffee grounds

Many people seem confident that coffee grounds pour down the drain will not present a problem, when grounds mix with oil or grease already coating the pipes; you have got a real mess on your hands. Most of the plumbers disagree and saying that nothing causes more blockages than coffee grounds and grease.


All the noodles will continue to expand with more exposure to water many times that you run the faucet and the sticky semolina flour can gum up the pipes or fill the disposal trap.


Generally rice and grains can easily slip down the drain, but once there will absorb more water and swell indoor side and create problem.


All Flour items when mixed with water it make glue, when it pour down the drain it could be blocked the pipes.

Produce stickers

Many people are fall off easily in the sink while washing tiny plastic-containing but the plastic and adhesive stickers are rarely water soluble and can block screens and filters in treatment plants down the line.


As per many studies, found everything from ibuprofen and antidepressants to birth control hormones in our natural waterways. There are programs that let you dispose of unused medicine properly and safely, otherwise they are best to go in the trash, sealed.