About US

We are a home-grown company originated in India offering search services all across the country, over the Telephone, Internet, Mobile and also through SMS. It is headquartered in Noida, NCR. Customers need to just click on the required field in order to get the information in relation to their search and collect the ample stats about the various vendors listed with us along with the complete details about the vendors as well as their products.

All this and much more essentials such as the various alluring and exclusive deals and offers listed with us that acts as yet another constituent that makes us at par in the market. We consist of a team that passionately works towards collecting accurate and unique information provided to our customers all on a single platform, enabling them to choose wisely and live better by saving their money and precious time.

We even have an option to register with us and wherein the customers can mention their contact details, in order to receive the best in class deals and offers to become a better and a smart shopper, all with just a click over to www.dealkare.com.

Moreover formulating a control in the free-listing trade in India, just like any other businesses we too have our own set of defies to crawl. There is a lot of competence in the market, but we stick to our own USP, by offering the best in class, sincere and trust worthy information and deals, as we don't aim at just our numbers, but honestly want the society to benefit out of our endeavor.

The services of Dealkare, enable the users to efficiently hunt for their specific requirements and take advantage of the immense range of options and make their choice and enjoy the services.

Why does this happen?
  • DealKare is set to drastically reduce all of these problems and change the mindsets across the all services. We are building trust, transparency and control all around. We wish to set good service providers apart from the bad service providers. We are empowering the customers as well as Service Providers with the tools that build a fluid communication and handle their service delivery efficiently.
  • Last but not least, we plan to make your services and service providers a stress free experience. You just need to call us, email us or fill the inquiry form . Dealkare gives you the helping hand that you so dearly need!
When with DealKare:
  • Forget getting spammed with calls from the Service Providers.
  • Pre-screened & Selectively Chosen Service Providers for their track record of quality and reliable services.
  • Enhanced Transparency in the entire servic delivery process.
  • Best Prices from the Service Providers of your choice.
  • Customer Friendly Approach & Service Orientedness. Transparency, Honesty & Honouring the quoted price without deviation.